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In December 1932 the receivers for the F&P Railroad got permission to abandon operation of the line. The inventory made described most of the rolling stock as having only scrap value and a deal was made with a company in Roanoke to buy everything they could collect and bring to Rocky Mount. In a short time anything of value was sold and the only thing remaining of the pride of Franklin Co. was the various structures along the line and the grades where the track ran.

Fortunately some of the depots, flag stops and some other reminders of the line do still exist, at least for now. About 2010 we started to explore the route the line took from Rocky Mount to Gretna. The rolling stock was sold; the rails went either to the scrap dealer or the local farmers and the cross ties rotted away. Still in many areas the road bed is clearly visible where it was necessary to grade or dig to lay track.

The depot at Sandy Level still stands in 2013.
The depot at Sandy Level still stands in 2013.

In 2012 we had our first tour of the line starting at the yard in Gretna where the Pittsville branch met the main line. Since then we’ve had two other trips and two more planned this year. On them we tell about the places and events that happen there along with some photos and maps of the area. People going were given the opportunity to copy the photos onto a digital device to take home and study. On our last outing we were lucky to have three people along whose family had worked on the F&P.

A few of the remaining buildings associated with the F&P are in fair condition but all are wood construction and some will certainly not be around many more years. Still those whose family worked the line seemed to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of visiting the places along the line that once were the hub of activity before cars carried the citizens to other towns or trucks took crops to market.

Contact us if you are interested in going on a tour in the future.