F&P Maps

This old Southern Railway map from 1913 shows the Franklin Division, as it was known, off Franklin Junction (present-day Gretna).

Southern inherited the lease of the F&P originally signed by John S. Barbour, Jr. Tensions between Southern and F&P management were testy after Southern took over in 1894.

This map was published one year before the lease expired. Click to enlarge.


The map below is a rough approximation of the F&P through Pittsylvania County. We’re still working on nailing down the roadbed in Franklin County.

Another effort has been done with a hand-drawn map. The map shows the route from Gretna to Glade Hill. Be sure to click the map below for a bigger version:

topo map and route-cropped

Here is a map of the F&P through Franklin County from 1931. Click for a larger version:

1931 map of the Franklin and Pittsylvania Railroad

We hope to have post more complete maps by Summer 2014.