F&P work crew poses for a photo.

Employees of the Franklin & Pittsylvania Railroad

F&P work crew poses for a photo.
F&P work crew poses for a photo.

The 1889 report of the State Commerce Commission reported that the Franklin & Pittsylvania Railraod employed 64 people.

The railroad was started to bring transportation to a remote area of the state. Moving people and crops or goods was an important part of its reason to exist but another by-product of it was employment.

The country was filled with many short line railroads but none lingers in the memory of the people of Franklin and Pittsylvania counties like the F&P Railroad. The people that worked on it were our family.

Only a generation or two ago our ancestors worked in depots, on section gangs, operated turntables by physical labor and many other task required to keep a railroad going. While their names and deeds are preserved in our memories we want to do more to recognize their efforts on this website.

We ask anyone with a relative who worked on the F&P to send us what they know about their ancestor along with photographs and we will post it on this site as a permanent memorial to those that went before us.

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Over the course of 2014 we will add tributes and names to the employee list here as more research is done.