From the Editor May 2015

F & P Program

Don’t forget Nathan White is giving a lecture on the F&P Railroad at the Rocky Mount Public Library May 12 at 6:30 P.M. Nathan has found a lot of new sources of stories and newspaper articles about the F&P Railroad.

The library is at 355 Franklin St. in downtown Rocky Mount. For more information call 540-483-3098 ext.0 or look them up on facebook at this link.

The last few weeks have been busy ones for collecting new information and memorabilia of the F&P RR. Some spectacular places have been discovered between Redwood and Glade Hill where the tracks ran. The location of where a 147 foot long trestle once stood was found crossing a deep ravine at the 7.2 mile post as measured from the old F&P depot in downtown Rocky Mount.

Most of the Right-of-Way (ROW) in Franklin Co. has now been documented. Every effort is being made to record the route of the old “Fast & Perfect” but some areas don’t hold any clues of the former track location.

This metal brace was found at the site of the bridge in the Glade Hill area.


On Saturday, March 28, we held the field trip to walk the old ROW of the mine branch in the Pittsville area. About 15 people braved the cold wind that morning to walk down Hogan’s Hill and up the spur that had gone to the mine at New Town. Everyone came back with coal or clinkers that had come from the engine’s fire box when it was cleaned out.

Some of the tour group on the mine branch March 28.

We started the trip with a brief history of Pittsville, the Virginia Midland Railroad and how the narrow gauge spur to the mines came to be built. Lou Revelle brought two six foot sections of old rail recently recovered from the Angle Siding area on the Franklin/Pittsylvania county line. He also brought some of the old, short spikes used originally by the F&P and several large pieces of coal from the Rocky Mount ROW. Trains leaving Rocky Mount had just been filled with coal and tended to lose more during the first part of their run.

These large pieces of coal fell off before leaving Rocky Mount.

Our field trip received a nice write up in the local Gretna Junction newspaper in the April 15 edition.


Events that Occured in the month of May

May 1, 1880: The Virginia Midland RR lease of the F&P begins.

May 18, 1932: The committee representing W.I. Shoemaker ask a judge to appoint receivers for the F&P RR.
May 23, 1878: The election for Franklin Co. citizens to approve the F&P bonds was held.

May 25-28, 1878: The commission met to approve the vote on the F&P bonds.

May 26, 1932: The final inventory of the F&P was delivered to the receivers of the F&P RR.