Joseph Milton Fralin

Meet Joseph Fralin

Joseph Milton FralinOur featured employee this month is Joseph M. Fralin.

Mr. Fralin’s job was to inspect the tracks of the F&P Railroad. He would walk the tracks from Union Hall to Rocky Mount looking for any problem with the tracks, spikes, crossties; anything that would affect the train. The F&P was noted for jumping the tracks. It sometimes left the tracks daily and became the source of many jokes for the residents of both counties.

Any problems were reported to a section gang who were assigned an area or “section” to repair. They were a group of men using hand tools to fix the track.

Mr. Fralin would walk the track starting in Union Hall inspecting one rail then upon reaching Rocky Mount checking the other rail on the way back.

Joseph Milton Fralin was born in 1866 and died 1-17-1931. He lived in Union Hall and married Eliza Wright.

When his son, Silas Franklin Fralin, was born in 1911 the railroad gave him the day off because he named his son Franklin.

joseph fralin- Right-frontThis photo of the entire group shows Joseph Fralin on the front right. The man standing in the back on your left is thought to be Harry Robertson who later ran a store in the Union Hall depot after the F&P closed.

Notice they all are holding a bottle of an adult beverage and one man has some “Extra” playing cards conveniently located in his hat band.