Letter from the Editor: September

By Tex Carter

tex-delano-f&pWelcome to the first of our “From the Editor” columns. Check here each month for new information relating to the F&P.

This is the place we will announce new events, tours, discoveries; anything of interest to those that love the F&P. Subjects mentioned here will likely be covered in detail at a later time.

This year started off with two field trips of the F&P beginning in Rocky Mount and ending in Gretna. Most trips have received notice in the newspapers of both counties, some with stories and details of the trips.

Since our last trip in 2013 the Hunt store at Pittsville was torn down by its owner. That store was started using the old Pittsville depot and adding to it as time went on. Hopefully this will encourage others to take part in our field trips to see the remaining structures before they too are gone.

It was thought the depot at Toshes was torn down but new information says it was moved to a place about two miles south of Gretna. At present we are studying that structure which does appear to have the same basic design of the known picture of the original depot although it was changed in the move.

At the present time we are working with a committee that is promoting the upcoming 50th anniversary of the completion of the Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes and dams. They have an interest in using some of our material on the F&P in their history of the area leading up to the planning and building of the dams. We will report on this as their work progresses.

Two short field trips to specific areas are being planned for late fall. Both are near Pittsville, the mine branch and the New town area. These are shorter than our field trips and will take about one to two hours. Plans will be announced next month. If you want to attend contact us and you will be added to the list.

A regular part of this column will be some brief notes of events that happened to the F&P during the same month as this posting.

Events That Occurred in the Month of September

  • September 7, 1910: The Southern RR offers to give away its interest in the F&P RR.
  • September 15, 1921: Chapman W. Dudley is appointed by the court as receiver for the F&P. His story is on this web page now.